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FAQ's Black Media ADX

Before Asking Any Question, Read Already Asked Questions Carefully.


Who We Are

Our mission is to help publishers in the best monetisation of their websites possible, we are on the same side as publishers, we dedicate them our years of experience, proven technology, and solvent advertisers.

Eligibility Criteria For Publishers

Publishers’ inventory has to comply with Google publisher policies, no red flags or bans. 

What advertisers does Black Media ADX work with?

Black Media ADX can provide access to demand from top global advertisers and media agencies.

What are the payment terms?

NET 45 (AdX)

Exclusivity to ad inventory

Google changed its Ad Manager and Ad Exchange program policies and as of now repeated ad calls for Google ads are not permitted. This means that there should be only one source of Google ads on your inventory.

What CPMs can you provide?

Once we have your benchmark data we will be able to generate a projection for you in terms of what CPMs you should expect before we begin the test. CPM depends on a lot of different factors and therefore we do not operate at a guaranteed CPM rate. 

Private marketplace deals/Private auctions

PMP and PDs are a part of our full-service ad management. We can also help you design the Private Marketplace offer framework (PA, PD, PG) for your display and video inventory or help you troubleshoot deals within our service of ad ops support.

Do you have technical support?

We will be more than happy to take all hard work on our shoulders. We support our partners in segments above & support them in launching campaigns via ADX or take care of troubleshooting. What is more, we can help you to create programmatic price list for Lifeder & provide more clients for your inventory.