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Best Ads Network For Apps: A Guide to the Top Platforms

Best Ads Network For Apps: A Guide to the Top Platforms
October 12, 2023 Admin Official
ads networks for apps

In this article we are going to learn about the best ads network for apps. First of all lets discuss about the app monetization and the features of best ads network for apps

Apps Monetization

App monetization is the process of generating revenue from a mobile application (app). Developers employ various strategies to make money, including offering the app as a paid download, displaying in-app advertisements, implementing in-app purchases, offering subscription models, leveraging data for marketing, and more. The choice of ads networks for apps method depends on the app’s target audience, category, and objectives, with the ultimate goal of covering the development qualities of an app monetization platform including:


Good qualities of an ads network  for apps include:



The  ads network for apps should be transparent in its policies, revenue sharing, and reporting, so developers can easily understand how they’re making money.

Diverse Monetization Options:

 A good ads network for apps should offer various monetization options, such as in-app ads, in-app purchases, subscription models, and affiliate marketing, to cater to different app types and audiences.

High Revenue Share: 

Developers should receive a fair share of the revenue generated from their apps. The platform should offer competitive revenue-sharing terms.

Ad Quality and Relevance: 

If the platform supports ads, the quality of ads should be high, and they should be relevant to the app’s audience to improve user experience.

User Engagement and Retention:

 It should provide tools or insights to help developers improve user engagement and retention, as this can indirectly impact revenue.

Payment Flexibility:

 The platform should offer flexible payment options and schedules for developers, including different payout methods and minimum payment thresholds.

Global Reach: 

It should have a wide global reach, allowing developers to monetize their apps in various countries and regions.

User Privacy: 

The this ads network for apps should prioritize user privacy and comply with data protection regulations, ensuring that user data is handled responsibly.

Performance Analytics: 

Detailed analytics and reporting tools should be available for developers to track the performance of their apps, enabling data-driven decisions for optimization.

Support and Documentation: 

Developers should have access to responsive customer support and comprehensive documentation to address any issues or questions that may arise.

SDK Integration: 

The platform should provide easy-to-integrate software development kits (SDKs) and APIs for a seamless integration process into developers’ apps.

Anti-Fraud Measures:

 Implement anti-fraud measures to prevent click fraud, ad stacking, and other fraudulent activities that can impact revenue.

A/B Testing and Optimization:

 The platform should support A/B testing and other optimization features to help developers refine their monetization strategies.


 It should be capable of accommodating apps of all sizes, from indie developers to large enterprises, with scalable monetization solutions.


Adhere to industry standards and regulations, including those related to advertising and monetization, to ensure legal and ethical operation.


Standard But Important Features


Community and Networking: 

Provide opportunities for developers to connect with other developers, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Regular Updates:

 Continuously improve the platform, update policies, and adapt to changes in the industry to stay competitive.

Low Latency and Reliability: 

Ensure low latency in delivering ads or processing transactions and maintain a reliable service to prevent downtime.


 Be adaptable to changing market trends and technologies, such as the rise of new app ads network for apps and devices.


 Allow developers to customize their monetization strategy according to their app’s unique requirements and target audience.

A good monetization platform should balance the needs of developers and advertisers while prioritizing the user experience.


Here are the names of the top 10 app monetization platforms:


  • AdMob by Google
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • BlackMedia Adx
  • Chartboost
  • Unity Ads
  • AppLovin
  • IronSource
  • AdColony
  • Vungle
  • InMobi

Google AdMob

AdMob, one of best ads networks for app is founded by Omar Hamoui in 2006, has a history that go beyond the limits after its acquisition by Google in 2009. Initially, AdMob focused on providing mobile advertising solutions, pioneering the concept of in-app advertising and mobile app monetization. The platform’s success grew as the smartphone market exploded, leading to a significant increase in mobile app usage. Recognizing the importance of mobile advertising, Google acquired AdMob in a landmark deal valued at $750 million. This strategic move allowed Google to strengthen its presence in the mobile advertising space and tap into AdMob’s extensive network of developers and advertisers. Over the years, AdMob has continued to evolve, introducing new ad formats, tools, and analytics to cater to the ever-changing needs of app developers and advertisers, solidifying its position as one of the premier mobile app monetization platforms in the industry.

Google AdMob Pros

  • High CPM
  • High Fill Rates
  • Flexible Ad Formats
  • Best User Experience
  • Free and Unlimited Analytics
  • Easy to Setup


Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network, launched by Facebook in 2014, is an extension of the social media giant’s advertising ecosystem. Using the vast user data and ad-targeting capabilities of Facebook, the Audience Network aimed to expand the reach of Facebook’s advertising partners beyond the social media platform. It allowed app developers to monetize their apps by displaying Facebook’s highly targeted ads to users within their apps. By offering a seamless and user-friendly ad experience, the Audience Network quickly gained popularity among developers and advertisers. It enabled businesses to reach a wider mobile audience while providing app developers with a powerful tool to generate revenue. Over the years, Facebook has continued to enhance the Audience Network’s capabilities, offering a range of ad formats and targeting options to improve user engagement and the effectiveness of in-app advertising becoming one of the best ads network for apps.

Facebook Audience Network Pros

Expanded Reach Beyond Facebook:

Reach up to 16% more people than on Facebook alone.

Increased Ad Impressions:

Facebook yields an average of 6–10% more ad impressions per campaign.

Ease of Use for Ad Building:

Easily create ads using existing creative, with automatic rendering for various placement types.

Diverse Ad Placements:

Different placement options include native, banner, interstitial, rewarded video, in-stream video, and CTV (available to select advertisers).

Multiple Advertising Objectives:

Achieve various objectives, including brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, conversions, and product catalog sales.

Impressive User Reach:

Facebook Audience Network has an approximate reach of 1 billion users.

Cost-Effective Advertising:

Lower CPM, CPCs, and CPLs can be achieved if executed properly. For instance, a case study with Katana showed a 26% drop in CPA and a significant increase in conversions.

BlackMedia Adx

At BlackMedia AdX, they understand that creating and maintaining mobile apps is a labor of love. Now, it’s time to turn that passion into profit. BlackMedia Adx platform is designed to help you maximize your revenue potential by integrating high-impact ads seamlessly into your apps.

Why Choose BlackMedia AdX?

  • Premium Ad Inventory: Access a vast library of high-quality ad inventory from top advertisers, ensuring your users see engaging and relevant content.
  • Seamless Integration: Its easy-to-implement SDKs and APIs make it a breeze to integrate ads into your apps, allowing you to start monetizing quickly.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights into your app’s performance and user engagement with its comprehensive analytics tools. Use this data to optimize your ad strategy and boost your earnings.
  • Global Reach: Monetize your apps on a global scale, reaching a diverse audience of users from around the world.
  • Dedicated Support: Their team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way, from integration to campaign optimization, ensuring your success.

Join the BlackMedia AdX Community:

Whether you’re a seasoned app developer or just starting, BlackMedia AdX is your trusted partner for app monetization. Discover a world of opportunities, and turn your app into a revenue-generating powerhouse with one of best ad networks for apps.

Don’t wait – join BlackMedia AdX today and unleash the earning potential of your mobile applications. Your success is our mission.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with BlackMedia Adx team now to explore the endless possibilities of app monetization through BlackMedia AdX



Chartboost is a prominent mobile app monetization platform founded in 2011 by Maria Alegre and Sean Fannan. This San Francisco-based company quickly gained recognition in the mobile gaming industry for its innovative approach to in-app advertising. this ads network for apps focuses on providing a marketplace for mobile game developers to cross-promote their apps and monetize through interstitial and rewarded video ads. Unlike other ad networks, Chartboost encouraged developers to collaborate directly with one another, facilitating a community-driven approach to app promotion. Over the years, the platform expanded its offerings to include programmatic advertising and ad mediation, serving a broader range of mobile apps beyond just games. In 2018, Chartboost was acquired by the mobile marketing company, InMobi, which further enhanced its capabilities. Chartboost’s commitment to empowering app developers and fostering collaboration has solidified its place as a key player in the mobile app monetization landscape.

Pros of using Chartboost for app monetization include:

Community-Driven Promotion: Encourages collaboration among app developers for cross-promotion.

Interstitial and Rewarded Video Ads: Offers effective ad formats for maximizing revenue.

Programmatic Advertising: Supports programmatic ad buying for increased ad revenue.

Ad Mediation: Facilitates the management of multiple ad networks to optimize revenue.

InMobi Integration: Since its acquisition by InMobi, it has benefited from an even larger advertising ecosystem.

User Engagement: High-quality ad formats enhance user engagement.

Flexibility: Developers have more control over the ads displayed in their apps.

Comprehensive Analytics: Provides detailed insights into ad performance and revenue generation.

Global Reach: Access to a global audience, reaching users worldwide.

Customization: Allows developers to tailor the ad experience to fit the app’s aesthetics and user experience

Unity Ads

Unity Ads is a mobile game and app monetization platform that is part of Unity Technologies, a company best known for its game development engine, Unity3D. This ad network was launched in 2014 and has since become a significant player in the mobile advertising and monetization space.

This platform leverages Unity’s strong presence in the gaming industry, offering developers the ability to monetize their games and apps through a variety of ad formats, including rewarded videos, interstitials, and banners. These ad formats seamlessly integrate into Unity-built apps and games.

Unity Ads is known for its high-quality ad experiences, focusing on enhancing user engagement while helping developers generate revenue. Over the years, Unity Ads has evolved to provide comprehensive analytics and ad optimization tools, enabling developers to make data-driven decisions to maximize their earnings. Unity’s commitment to delivering a robust and developer-friendly monetization solution has contributed to its success in the mobile app and gaming industry.

Pros of Unity Ads

Pros of using Unity Ads as ads network for apps include:

Seamless Integration: Unity Ads seamlessly integrates with Unity-developed apps and games, making it easy for developers to implement.

High-Quality Ad Experiences: Unity Ads focuses on providing high-quality and engaging ad experiences to enhance user retention and satisfaction.

Diverse Ad Formats: Offers various ad formats, including rewarded videos, interstitials, and banners, allowing developers to choose the most suitable format for their app.

Developer-Friendly: Provides comprehensive analytics and optimization tools, enabling developers to make data-driven decisions to maximize revenue.

Global Reach: Access to a global audience, ensuring that developers can monetize their apps and games worldwide.

Monetization for Games: Particularly strong for game developers, as it caters to the gaming industry’s unique needs and user expectations.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supports multiple platforms, including mobile, web, and consoles, offering a broad range of monetization opportunities.

Flexible Payout Options: Developers have various payment options, including CPI (Cost Per Installation) and revenue share models.

Brand Safety: It ensures a safe and controlled environment for advertisers and users.

Unity Ecosystem: Integration with the larger Unity ecosystem allows developers to access additional resources and support for game development and monetization.


AppLovin is a mobile app and game monetization platform that was founded in 2012 by Adam Foroughi, Andrew Karam, and John Karam. It quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to mobile advertising and monetization. AppLovin’s platform offers a wide range of tools and services for app developers to maximize their app’s earning potential, including in-app advertising, analytics, and user acquisition. The company has continually expanded its capabilities and reach through acquisitions and partnerships. In 2018, AppLovin announced a strategic investment from KKR, a global investment firm, to further fuel its growth. AppLovin has established itself as a significant player in the mobile app monetization space, serving developers and advertisers around the world. It is among the of best ads networks for apps monetization.


Benefits of using AppLovin for publishers:

  • Diverse Ad Formats:
  • High Earnings Potential:
  • User-Focused Advertising:
  • Detailed Analytics:
  • User Acquisition Tools:
  • Global Reach:
  • Innovative Solutions:
  • Monetization Flexibility:
  • Support and Resources:
  • Data-Driven Optimization


ironSource is a prominent mobile ad network and technology company that has rapidly evolved since its inception. Founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company originally focused on mobile app distribution and monetization. Over time, ironSource expanded its services to include user acquisition, ad mediation, and ad monetization solutions. Its growth was fueled by strategic acquisitions, such as Supersonic and Chartboost, which bolstered its position in the mobile advertising industry. ironSource has played a pivotal role in helping app developers and publishers monetize their products and grow their user base, becoming a significant player in the mobile advertising ecosystem.


Pros of using IronSource as an ad network:

  • Ad Mediation
  • Diverse Ad Formats
  • Global Reach
  • User Segmentation
  • Analytics and Insights


AdColony is a mobile advertising and monetization platform with a history rooted in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile apps and games. Established in 2008, the company initially focused on creating mobile games before transitioning to become a leader in mobile advertising. One of its notable contributions to the industry was the development of HD mobile video ads, which set a new standard for high-quality advertising in the mobile space. Over the years, AdColony has continued to innovate and expand its services, offering interactive and engaging ad formats, as well as solutions for app monetization, user acquisition, and more. This evolution reflects AdColony’s commitment to providing both advertisers and app developers with effective tools and strategies to succeed in the competitive mobile ecosystem.


  • High-Quality Video Ads
  • Interactive Ad Formats
  • Global Reach
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Ad Mediation
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Brand Safety
  • Innovative Solution
  • Customization and Targeting
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility


Vungle is a leading mobile advertising and monetization platform that specializes in delivering engaging and high-impact video ads to users within mobile apps and games. With a strong focus on user experience, this ads network for apps offers a variety of ad formats, including rewarded video ads, interstitials, and native ads, designed to maximize engagement and revenue for app developers and advertisers. Vungle’s advanced targeting capabilities, data-driven insights, and in-house creative studio help app developers and brands reach their target audiences effectively. The platform also emphasizes performance, offering solutions for user acquisition, app monetization, and ad mediation, making it a valuable partner for those seeking to achieve success in the competitive mobile advertising space.


You have the option to operate on a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) basis at the network level, with a particularly robust presence in the United States and a substantial inventory available in that region. The integration with Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) is exceptionally swift, thanks to a highly skilled technical team.


InMobi founded in 2007 is dedicated to creating innovative technologies that have a positive influence on individuals, businesses, and communities globally. Our mission is to drive the growth of advertisers and publishers by offering impactful experiences and pioneering solutions that enable them to engage their target audiences and establish genuine connections with modern consumers.


  • High-Impact Advertising
  • Audience Activation
  • Innovative Technology
  • Global Reach
  • Consumer Engagement


In conclusion, app monetization is a vital aspect of the mobile app development ecosystem, providing developers with the means to sustain their efforts, reach a wider audience, and generate revenue. The success of app monetization largely hinges on the choice of the right  ads network for apps and the top contenders in the industry offer a range of advantages and features to cater to diverse app types and objectives.

Each of the mentioned platforms has its strengths and unique offerings. AdMob by Google, Facebook Audience Network, BlackMedia AdX, Chartboost, Unity Ads, AppLovin, ironSource, AdColony, Vungle, and InMobi are all prominent players that developers can consider.

When selecting an  ads network for apps, it’s crucial to take into account various factors such as ad formats, revenue potential, user experience, global reach, customization options, and the level of support and insights provided. The choice should align with the app’s target audience, category, and the developer’s specific goals.

App developers today have a plethora of options at their disposal to create sustainable revenue streams while delivering a positive user experience. It’s important to keep app quality, user engagement, and ethical practices at the forefront of any monetization strategy.

Ultimately, the world of app monetization is dynamic and ever-evolving. As the industry continues to adapt to new technologies and consumer behaviors, these ads network for apps are likely to keep innovating to meet the evolving needs of developers and advertisers. By staying informed about the latest trends and continuously optimizing their strategies, app developers can navigate the monetization landscape with confidence and achieve their goals in this competitive market.

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