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Google Adx and Google AdSense Which One is Best and How ?

Google Adx and Google AdSense Which One is Best and How ?
June 26, 2022 Admin Official
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Google Adx and Google Adsense are advertising platforms for Google.  Both platforms have same advertisers and buyers. Publishers can monetize their websites on these platforms. However, there are many key differences between them. Publishers decide which is best for their websites.

Overview of Google Adx

It is an ad exchange program by google which is an extension of DoubleClick Ad Exchange. It uses real-time bidding technology.  This platform is just like an open market in which real-time bidding takes place.  As a result, ad space is more efficiently used. In addition, it also enables display ads.

Google Ad Exchange is a Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Digital media owners and publishers use SSP for selling ads in real-time auctions. In addition, SSPs are helpful to get maximum yield from ads inventory through efficient use of space on websites. This in turn maximises views. According to Total Media report, “AdX outperforms the competition by connecting publishers into the world’s largest exchange of global inventory.”

An Overview of Google Adsense

It is an Ad Network which is the internal product of Google. Google uses cookies to place ads on websites. Moreover, Google Adsence matches ads on the basis of content and visitors to websites. It is easy to set up and is managed by google from placement of ads to payments.

Google Adsense is the most searched term on the google search engine which means it is popular. However, popularity does not make it a better product. This is because publishers can get more revenue from Google Adx. Google Adsense and Google Adx are different products of google which deal with different kinds of publishers.

The Key Differences Between Google Adx and Google Adsense

Google Adx (previously known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange) is an ad exchange program of google. It enables real-time bidding by using programmatic advertising. It is an interactive and integrated platform which offers real-time bidding to ad networks (including Adsense, demand-side platforms and advertising agencies.

In addition, publishers have access to a larger inventory which makes it easy to connect with google ads and other advertising agencies for ad exchange.

Moreover, in terms of revenue Google Adx is better. This is because there is more competition for ad inventory which makes it a high revenue platform. Publishers can set floor price for their content.

Google Adsense is not a lucrative way to monetize websites and mobile apps. This is because the platform provides low-cost impressions to advertisers. additionally, publishers cannot set up floor price they have to rely on google for what it offers to them.

On the other hand, Google Adsense is easy to set up on desktop and mobile. Google will manage types, placement of ads and payments. However, Google Adx require a dedicated team or an agency to manage the operations of an ad network.

Google Adx is a premium platform for Google. The publishers with high-traffic sites can access Google Adx directly which should have at least five billion page views per month.

Google Adsense is suitable for small and medium-size publishers. However, publishers with high-traffic sites should sign up for Google Adx to monetize their apps and websites.

Which Platform Generates Greater Returns Google Adx or Google Adsense?

Actually, revenue depends upon many factors. However, according to a survey by Adnimation of over four hundred websites Google Adx gives more revenue as compared to Google Adsense.

If the publisher has a large enough audience, resources, and expertise in ad management and optimisation then he can fetch higher revenue.

On the other hand, for small traffic publishers, Google Adsense can fetch better yield.

How does Google Adx work?

If the publisher has Google Adx it will allow more advertisers to compete for your ad inventory. However, in Google Adsense, there is only one buyer i.e. Google. Here the picture depicts that Google Adsense is part of Google Adx. In order to sign up for Google Adx publishers should first sign up for Google Adsense or have an invitation from google. A Google representative manually set up the Google Adx account of the publisher or it can be set up through an ad network.

how does google adx work
Source: Google

Google Adx provides an interactive platform for advertisers, ad agencies, trading desks and demand-side platforms (DSP) to take part in real-time bidding on publisher’s ad inventory through programmatic deals.

In order to use Google Adx the Google ad manager (GAM) is required.  GAM allows for targeted campaigns on publishers’ apps and websites.

The prominent benefits of Google Adx are as follows :

  1. access to a large demand from a single place
  2. ad delivery process automation;
  3. price floor settings (e.g., for Private Auction);
  4. option to send invites directly to advertisers (e.g., for Preferred Deals with fixed CPMs);
  5. option to block unwanted ads;
  6. choice of different ad formats and styles;
  7. granular control over ad inventory;
  8. and many more.

What is Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager (GAM) is basically designed for large publishers which helps in ad management and delivery. In short, it is a central platform which combines ad server and a premium ad exchange. In the picture below there is an overview of Google Ad Manager.

google doubleclick for publishers

Source Google

 Google AdX is a DSP or SSP in Contrast to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is just an ad network which connects publishers with Google Ads through programmatic ads. It is neither SSP nor DSP. On the other hand, Google Adx is a platform on which DSPs bid through SSPs on the publisher’s inventory simultaneously.

How To Get Started with AdX?

Publishers can access Google Adx in two ways;

  1. The publisher has to sign up for Google Ad Manager. After that, he has to request Google account Manager to further connect to Google Adx.
  1. The other option is to partner up with  Google resellers like blackmediaadx.com through a Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program.

If you intend to monetize your content on Adx You just have to sign up on blackmediaadx.com our team will help through the process. We will get you Adx approval for your apps and websites in a couple of days.


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