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How to Choose the Right Google AdX Partner?

How to Choose the Right Google AdX Partner?
January 10, 2023 Admin Official
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Are you looking for the best Google AdX partner to maximize your revenue? Are you unsure about choosing the right Google AdX partner for your business? Do you know how to choose the right Google AdX partner for you? This article will help you with your query. This article describes all features of the best Google AdX partner to help you choose the right one. However, before moving on, understand who a Google AdX partner is. So, let’s get started!

Who Is a Google AdX Partner?

A Google AdX Partner is a company that has been authorized by Google to sell ad inventory on behalf of publishers using Google Ad Exchange (AdX). Google AdX Partners or Google AdX Resellers are companies who have experts in Google AdX, Google Ad Manager, Google AdMob, and other products of Google. AdX Partners are authorized by Google to sell ad inventory on behalf of publishers and provide various services related to AdX, including ad optimization, ad targeting, and reporting. AdX partners work closely with publishers to help them maximize their ad revenue and ensure a positive user experience on their websites or apps. These companies are also called Google Publishing Partners.

Why we should work with Google AdX Partners?

Working with Google AdX partners can provide a number of benefits for publishers looking to monetize their digital content through programmatic advertising. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider working with AdX partners.

  1. Increased access to ad inventory:

Google AdX partners have access to a wider range of ad inventory, including premium publisher websites, which can help increase the reach and visibility of your ad campaigns.

2. Better targeting options:

AdX partners often have access to more advanced targeting options, such as audience segmentation and contextual targeting, which can help you reach the right audience with the right message.

3. Improved ad performance: AdX partners are often able to provide better ad performance metrics, such as viewability and engagement rates, which can help you optimize your campaigns and improve ROI.

4. Expert guidance and support: AdX partners typically have a deep understanding of the ad tech landscape and can provide valuable guidance and support on campaign strategy, optimization, and best practices.

5. Access to new ad formats: AdX partners are often able to provide access to new and innovative ad formats, such as programmatic audio and connected TV ads, which can help you stay ahead of the curve and reach your audience in new and engaging ways.

A Google AdX Partner can use two basic ways to help app publishers:

  1. Increasing Market Share

Google AdX is an advertising marketplace. Millions of premium advertisers are in this marketplace, consisting of year-round campaigns and brands offering high CPM deals. Once app publishers get access to Google AdX, they can increase their ad revenue, eCPMs, and ROI. Moreover, app publishers can also improve the ad experience of users on their app with the help of Google AdX. Monetization is the purpose of all apps. So, Google AdX ensures an increase in revenue and market share of the app owners.

  1. Offer Access Even If the App Is Not Eligible

It is crucial to ensure the eligibility of an app to access Google AdX. The following aspects ensure the eligibility of an app.

  • Have 5 million MAU
  • Create brand-safe content
  • Avoid blacklisted keywords
  • Update ads.txt file

Even after being eligible, dedicated support is required to regulate AdX. However, if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you can access an AdX account with the help of a certified Google Publishing Partner.

How Do You Choose the Right Google AdX Partners?

Looking for the answer to the question, “how to choose the right Google AdX partner?” The following aspects can help you with that:

  • Google MCM Publishing Partner
  • Payment Structure and Payment Cycle
  • Transparent Revenue Share Model
  • Reliable Services
  • Contracts Free of Lock-ins
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • High-quality Partner Websites

Let’s discuss these aspects in detail to choose the right Google AdX Partner for you!

  • Google MCM Publishing Partner

In 2021, Scaled Partner Management (SPM) was replaced with Multiple Customer Management (MCM) by Google. The purpose was to offer clarity between partnerships between child and parent publishers on the authorization level. You can get more transparency, functionalities, and better ad management features in Google MCM compared to SPM.

  • Payment Structure and Payment Cycle

The pay-out terms and fee structure differs for every Google AdX. Depending on the payment structure, Google AdX makes their publishers wait for 90 days.

Some Google AdX providers allow a net 30-day payment. So, all publishers should look for such Google AdX providers so that they can avail uninterrupted cash flow and get paid 30 days after the setup. One of the significant benefits is that you can switch between Google AdX partners if you want.

  • Transparent Revenue Share Model

Many Google AdX partners use a revenue-sharing model to work with their publishers. The mobile application generates ad revenue, according to which a fee of around 10% to 25% is charged. Ensure a Google AdX partner for yourself that maintains transparency in revenue sharing. Find a Google AdX partner that requires minimum revenue sharing. Moreover, search for someone who can increase your ad earnings.

  • Reliable Services

Before choosing your Google AdX partner, review its offerings and all-inclusive services. All services such as consultation, ad service fees, ad operations management, any updates, real-time reporting, monitoring malvertising, and preventing ad fraud should be covered in the revenue share model. Moreover, search for any hidden fees and other services included in it.

  • Flexible Contracts & No Lock-In Periods

Some Google AdX partners have strict criteria that can lock you into a 12 months contract or even more. In contrast, some Google Adx partners provide flexibility and freedom to break a contract at any point without any repercussions. It is better to choose the flexible Google AdX partners so that you don’t have to get locked up. However, if you face any problems related to payments, support, revenue share model, monetization strategies, etc., you can easily switch between Google AdX partners.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

Ensure being provided with a dedicated account manager who will be able to support and guide you before signing a Google AdX partner agreement. Moreover, a dedicated account manager will also ensure a good user experience and app performance. Knowing who will manage your account and provide better services and ad operations is essential.

  • High-quality Partner Websites

Ensure that your Google AdX partner chooses only legit and high-quality sites to partner with. Moreover, the best Google AdX partners analyze your current monetization strategy and site traffic before providing a tailored solution. A Google AdX partner can choose not to work with you if you do not meet their criteria, such as minimum page views. Google AdX partners prefer to work with high-quality websites when their goal is to get high rankings on Google. You can get a good idea about Google AdX partner quality standards through their testimonials.


This article has provided all the benefits and aspects to find the right Google AdX partner for you. However, if you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us!


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